Dana began his training at house painting at aged 16, working for a Pennsylvanian Dutchman (Roy Coblentz of Coblentz Decorators). Similarly to the Amish, Dutch artisans are all about craftsmanship and attention to detail. For fifteen years Dana honed the fine art of high end, quality painting, working his way up to the top (journeyman) level. Now in business for himself since 1990, he brings those talents to bear with every challenge that presents itself.

Dana keeps it interesting, and from time to time adds a specialty wall treatment to his “bag of tricks”, traveling to New Mexico or L.A. etc, and back to keep up with the latest trends.

Here, in Menonomie and Minneapolis, kitchen cabinet painting and or glazing, along with high end interior painting and metal rollup garage doors (faux woodgrain) are a large part of Eco Chic’s business. But with Eco Chic the “sky is the limit”!


Journeyman painter at Cobletz Decorators

Certified American Clay applicator

Faux effects Academy


Blending style with sustainability!



Eco Chic (ē-kō-shēk)

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